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To learn more about MailArchiva and for pricing, refer to www.mailarchiva.com website and help.mailarchiva.com help site.

This wizard is designed to make the process of configuring MailArchiva fast and easy.

While support for a wide variety of mail servers (incl. Microsoft Exchange) is available, this wizard will attempt to go as far as it can to setup connectivity with Microsoft Office 365 and Google GSuite in particular. After the wizard is complete, further configuration steps may need to be performed.

After completion of this wizard, refer to http://help.mailarchiva.com for the mail server specific integration steps.


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Service Name https://.archiva.com
Choose a name for this service (no spaces, all lowercase!)
System Locale
Choose the server language to use for this server.
Master Admin Username  
Choose a username for the master login account.
This account serves as a backdoor in the event you are unable to authenticate using Active Directory / LDAP.
Master Admin Login Password  Password (Again)   
Choose a password for the master account This password must be secure
as the master account has full visibility to all archived data.
Enter a comma separated list of external domains for this installation. For example, mailarchiva.com.
Accuracy of Search Results
Specify the desired accuracy of search results. Loose vs precise matching. Level of stemming.


Choose an account email and password for the MailArchiva website.
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